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For the Vegetarian
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Yasai Gyoza Vegetables Wrapped in Spinach Dough
Watercress Fresh Watercress in Mild Garlic and Sesame Sauce
Yu Tofu Tofu, Chinese Cabbage, Served in Konbu Broth
Vegetable Tempura Mixed Vegetables Delicately Battered
Kappa Rolls Cucumber Rolls
Avocado Rolls Sliced Avocado
Yasai Maki Mixed Vegetables
Yamagobo Pickled Burdock Roll
Nori Pickled Squash
Asparagus Rolls Sliced Asparagus
Oshinko Pickled Yellow Radish
Ume-Shiso Plum Paste with Mint Leaf
Zen-Zen Mixed Seawead Tofu, Asparagus, and Mushroom
Shiitake Black Mushroom
Edamame Broiled Soybean
Oshitashi Spinach served chilled
Age-Tofu Deep Fried Bean Cured served with Savory Sauce
Futo-Maki Shiitake Mushrooms, Oshinko, Tamago, Avocado, Inari, Cucumber and Kampyo


Chukai Salad Mixed Seaweed Salad
Wasabi Seafood Tossed green salad with mixed seafood
Green Salad Mixed greens with our House Dressing
Kani Salad Crab Sticks, Cucumber, and Tobiko Sauce
Smoked Salmon Tossed green salad, Smoked Salmon with Chef's Savory Sauce

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